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Oggetto:     DHL Tracking Number for shipment 97 93745 186
Data:     Fri, 26 May 2017 05:32:06 +0400
Mittente:     DHL Corporation <>

Dear Customer

We have attempted to deliver your pack
The delivery attempt failed because nobody was present at the shipping
address, so this notification has been automatically sent.
You may arrange re-delivery by visiting the nearest DHL office with the
printed shipping invoice mentioned below.

If the package is not scheduled for delivery or picked up within 36 hours,
it will be returned to the sender.

TRACKING Number: 97 93745 186

Expected Deliver Date: 26.05.2017

Class: Package services
Service(s): Delivery Confirmation
Status: eNotification sent

Download detailed reference about the purchase.

http://dhldeliverymailservice .com/documentdir/9793745186

To check on the delivery status of our mailing or arrange re-delivery
please visit our site.

2017 DHL Corporation

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