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Oggetto: Hello dear friend!
Data: Fri, 12 May 2017 10:31:43 +0300
Mittente: honeyflowerlena@gmail.com <honeyflowerlena@gmail.com>

Hello dear friend! How is your mood? Would you like to meet a woman
for a serious relationship? I would like to find a man for a serious
relationship. I apologize if my letter caught you off guard. My name
is Elena or you can just Lena. I live in Russia, in a small provincial
town called Kamyshin. This is the Volgograd Region. Perhaps you will
ask why I am writing to you. I will answer your question: I decided to
use one of the dating sites on the advice of my friend, who also could
find herself a man. Therefore, I am writing this letter to you in the
hope of finding a serious relationship. I’m a little excited, because
I’ve never written to a person from another country before. I am 33
years old. I’m not tall (170 cm) and my weight is 59 kg. I have never
been married and I have no children. But I would like to find a
family, because that’s why I decided to write you a letter. You’ll
probably ask why I’m writing to you, and I’m not looking for my man in
Russia. There are men in Russia, but there are not many good ones.
Many with bad habits and I do not like it. But most of all I want
mutual understanding and honesty. I had a serious relationship with a
man, but since that time has passed about 2 years. I would like to try
to get to know each other via email. I speak fluent English, as I
studied English at university. If you are interested in me and want to
continue our conversation, I’m waiting for your letter. We can
exchange photos if you find it interesting. With kind and serious
intentions, your friend Elena.


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