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Oggetto:     Contact this email/
Data:     Tue, 11 Dec 2018 01:55:44 -0800
Mittente:     John Kuthar <>


Are you alive or dead? We received several emails from one Mrs. Donna
Harold who narrated to us about the auto car accident

you had 2 days ago. Mrs. Donna made us to understand with some proof
that you’re in hospital for treatment but there is no

hope of your recovery. He stated that he is your business associate
and your next of kin whom you have chosen and permitted

to inherit all your properties. He is contacting our office and base
on your fund which I was about to transfer to you. He

requested that the whole amount should now be transfer into his own
personal account as he stated below.

Account Name Mrs. Donna Harold
Citibank Banamex USA
2029 Century Park East Los Angeles, CA 90067
Phone: 1-8643628061

Routing Number: 122233646
Account Number: 5944130210

We request your confirmation before we can process this transfer to
Mrs. Donna’s Bank Account or atm card package This is to

avoid releasing your money to wrong person because Mrs. Donna is too
eager and ready to do anything for the obtaining of the

Ownership Certificate demanded by the IMF and follow every other legal
instruction to have this money into his account. If

you did not have auto accident and you did not permit Mrs. Donna to
claim your money, kindly reply this message with your

full contact phone number and your home address so we can process the
release of the funds to you through atm card package

and your ATM Package valued sum of $7.5m (Seven Million five hundred
thousand united states dollars only) So Fill below gaps

correct and completely and forward it to us.

(1)YOUR FULL NAME=============
(4)COUNTRY= ===================
(5)CITY= =====================
(6)NEAREST AIRPORT = =============


I’ll be waiting to hear from you soon and Contact this email/

Thank you

Mr Frank Newman

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